April 10: Sharing A Memory


It’s been three years since my last radioactive iodine treatment and Facebook decided to share this photo memory with me. Looking at this photo, I was flooded with memories of having to say goodbye to Marcus at my parents house, before Jeff and my mom accompanied me to the hospital for my admission to the hospital. I remember the discomfort I felt in my breasts when I abruptly stopped nursing. I remember the sour candies I had to eat to help with the dry mouth I got during my treatment. I remember the pacing I did throughout my small room. I remember all the double flushing of the toilet. The saran wrap on my laptop keyboard protecting the keys from my radioactive sweat. I remember the tiredness and the anticipation of getting out of the hospital. And of course, I remember the line of tape on the floor indicating how far I had to stay away from visitors who couldn’t even step foot in my room to hug me. All this I remember…. but….

Today however is a different story. Life is bountiful right now. There are no barriers to hugging those I love. I can move freely through the world. I can express myself through my story. There are no barriers to the growth that I continue to make through the days that go by.

Physically and mentally I have a clarity that I’ve not had before. I’ve eaten my way to a healthier weight and lifestyle. My emotions seem to be stabilizing and I am loving it. There is so much to be thankful for and my family’s future is bright.

I’m taking my time today to soak in all the goodness. My goals from today onward are to inspire others to be more consious of their bodies and the wonderful gift of health that we have. I hope to motivate you to be the best editions of yourself in order to make the world a better place.

We are so lucky to have our bodies to notify us of imbalance and this is not something to disregard.

Three years ago was a momentus time in my life while I layed in that hospital bed. Now is the time for greatness. For further change and for creating a better version of my self to share with others.


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