Weeks have gone by and I’ve not gotten a confirmed date about when I’ll be having my biopsy. Time is ticking, but I’m not sad about it. Given the circumstances, there is a strong indication that I shouldn’t be worried about this upcoming biopsy.

As far as my oncologist is concerned, the lymph node that is waiting to be biopsied is not one that he is worrying about too much. At my last appointment with him at the beginning of the month, he told me a bit more about what parameters they take into consideration for concering lyph nodes and cancer patients like myself.

First, when it comes to lymph nodes, the length of a lymph node doesn’t have much influence on treatment options or diagnoses. It is the width of a lymph node that takes the cake.

When it comes to the width of a lymph node, anything that is 9 mm or wider in length signals red flags. The width of the most recent lymph node that I had biopsied last month was 7mm. Now that I know it was clear of any thyroid cancer, I am of course very much so relieved.

Now the biopsy that I’m waiting for doesn’t worry me so much because the lymph node up for discussion is 5 mm in width. That’s good news to me. And of course, since Dr. B isn’t overly concerned, I am not either.

I’m taking each day by day with stride. Eating well. Still off the dairy, meat, seafood, wheat and gluten. It’s a drastic change that not many people would be open to taking on, but for me it’s easy. Health over hospital. Survivor over sick. Positivity will keep me motivated, living with purpose and intention, will help me soar.

For now, I wait, but I won’t complain, because life is pretty sweet and there’s no where else I’d rather be.


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