Letting Go Of The Emotional Clutter

I have been letting go of the emotional clutter, literally and figuratively. It’s been a long nine months. While I knew taking time off work and seeking medical attention for my depression and anxiety was key, I knew there was something else I needed to do. When I looked around at myself, my home, my family there was something that kept dragging us down. Everyday, I felt like I had to leave our home to go out somewhere. To the store. For coffee. To browse around mall. I had to be somewhere other than my own home… but why??? Then one day it dawned on me. My inner stress, my anxiety, my depression did stem from the health challenges I had faced this past year, but I finally realized that the clutter in my home was a weight on my shoulders too.

One day I was watching Netflix, and I came across the documentary, Minimalism. I watched it and immediately I felt the need to purge our unused, unwanted, and unloved items. I was like a storm that was hitting the home hard. I was ruthless. The duplicate dishes, tupperware, cutlery went. I went through my clothes and ended up giving away so much that I had two dresser drawers that were left unused and empty. It started to work. My stress levels were indeed improving, but the greatest thing about it… so were the stress levels of my family. I started to feel like I was becoming a little bit of a recluse. I didn’t wanna leave the house now, because my home became my sacred space.

Each day I wake up and look around happy to be alive. The windows open and my family breathes in the cleansing space we now adore. There’s something about turning your house into a home and I think that I’ve definitely done that.

Kids room. Check. Crawl space. Check. Closets. Check. Books…. check check check.

It feels good and my hopes are that what we feel now, can be felt by others.

Much Love,


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