Food! We all love it. It is a part of our everyday life. Growing up, I wasn’t a child who watched my mom cook all the time in the kitchen. My love for food came later in life. I would say when I finally got married and started a family of my own, I wanted to be able to cook healthy and heartwarming meals. I chose to add some of my recipes to my blog because c’mon, who doesn’t love a good, simple, and easy recipe? I use what’s in my fridge and pantry as much as possible before I run out to the store for more ingredients. I love using “recipes” loosely. I’m not a stickler for keeping things rigid unless maybe if I’m baking. I like substituting some ingredients for others. I hope that you enjoy the recipes that I share. The food that results from these recipes warm our hearts and our bellies and I hope they do that for you too.

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